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Trisphere is a full service Web Design Company in Hyderabad, India. We are dedicated to providing pragmatic web design and development across the world to help our clients stay ahead of technological advancements. As a professional Web Design Company we provide comprehensive digital services from Web Development, Website Redesign, Ecommerce Website Design, Mobile Website Design, SEO, Web Page Design, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Custom Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development and Web Design Services in India, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Belgium, Switzerland. Our drive is to get you online seamlessly and get you a positive return on your digital investment.

Our Process


The first part of our design process is strategy & planning. This stage is arguably the most important since its sets the course for the entire project. In this phase we conduct the initial meeting with client where we identify & discuss key driving factors for the projects success. These key factors include the clients brand principles, user identification, internet marketing strategy, design brief, keyword research, competitor analysis, positioning strategy and study the user base.

Furthermore we plan the sitemap structure, perform a requirements analysis and draft the project charter. We draft and sign the contract that defines roles, copyrights and financial points and access is granted to servers to build folder structure.

The design process typically involves converting the information gathered in the planning and strategy phase into a working model. The main activities in this phase include wire framing and design elements planning, designing mockups based on the requirements analysis and mockup review.

After the mockup is done the client reviews it and advices any changes to be made. This is more of a review and approval cycle. Once the client is satisfied with the mock-up it is sliced and coded into valid HTML and CSS to produce a functional application.

The development phase is where most of the programming takes place. This involves the building and development of functional elements. The process includes CMS setup, site production, database setup, user experience design, content mapping, testing and implementation.

Special features are developed and tested rigorously to ensure durability, functionality and security of the web/mobile application. The content is filled in the application and links are tested and verified. After all the testing and development, the web/mobile application is transferred to a live server where it is further tested. This is where cross browser testing is conducted. After rigorous testing, the project is launched.

After the launch promotion & maintenance commences. This involves off page search engine optimization including search indexing, directory submissions, email campaigns, social media marketing and link building. This is also where most of the strategies identified in the online marketing plan are implemented. Google analytics and third party software is used to keep track of your online marketing efforts.

As far as the maintenance is concerned, regular back up and testing is conducted to ensure that the web/mobile application is secure and functioning properly. Consultation on digital success and how to use your web/mobile application optimally is conducted.


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Our Clients

Trisphere has worked for a number of clients over the last 14 years. From large to smaller firms, local businesses and start-ups. No matter what size the client, we give the same level of attention and creativity that’s needed. On time, and on budget. Below are some of our clients.